Subnautica Free Download – Serial Key Generator (PC, Xbox ONE, PS4)

Subnautica Free Download

Subnautica Free Download – Serial Key Generator (PC, Xbox ONE, PS4)

Were you looking for Subnautica Free Download? It seems like you’ve gone into the best place for it. Next game that we’re gonna show you is Subnautica. It is an open world survival game in development by Unknown Worlds Entertainment company. Subnautica allows the player to explore an aquatic alien planet by scuba diving and travelling in submersibles. The game was released on Steam Early Access on December 16, 2014, then on Xbox One almost two years later – on May 17, 2016. PlayStation 4 version is still planned and tested. The full release of subnautica is planned for September 2017.

Player in the game controls the lone survivor of a crashed space ship, called the Aurora on an aquatic alien planet. Of course the game has a first-person view mode, so it will let you explore the open world better. It is set mainly underwater, with two explorable islands. The main objective of the player is to explore the open world environment and survive the dangers of the planet. At the same time you will follow the story of what happened in the game. Subnautica allows players to collect resources, construct bases, tools and submersibles. It also has a big interact with planet’s wildlife. As in typical survival – you will have to keep your character adequately hydrated and fed, but you will have to also maintain his oxygen supply while traversing underwater.
The game has a day and night cycle.

How Subnautica Serial Key Generator works? Here’s the video:

Subnautica includes three other game modes: Freedom mode, in which thirst and hunger will be disabled.

Hardcore mode, which is just like Survival mode, except that it is much harder, and if the player dies, he will be no longer able to respawn in the game.

Creative mode, in which the thirst, hunger, health and oxygen features are all disabled, and you are able to get any item you want – all the crafting blueprints are acquired. No resources are needed to craft and the submersibles do not need any energy and they can be damaged.

How to get Subnautica Free Download?

1. Click “Download” button.

2. Due to too many bots and trolls, you have to prove us you’re human. You can get only 1 key for 1 IP Address. Do 1 PC offer, or download 1 mobile app and open it for 30 seconds. Delete if afterwards if not need. In second case, you need to enter website on mobile device.

3. As a result, you have a permission to download our file. Open it. Then choose game version. PC, Xbox ONE or PS4.

4. Click “GENERATE” button, then copy your code.

5. After all of that, you can now activate your key on Steam, Xbox One




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